Conservation Education

In the spirit of public education and borne of hardworking and dedicated individuals, Northern California SAF annually sponsors a couple immensely popular conservation education programs. Both seek to educate urban youths and adults on how California’s Forests are managed by professionals via hands-on presentations and exhibits. The two programs, Forest Conservation Days (FCD) and the Forest Institute for Teachers (FIT) are gaining popularity among academic circles. This is directly a result of the time, money, and experience donated by professionals in various aspects of the Natural Resources fields.

Forest Conservation Days

Forest Conservation Days is an educational program by the Northern California Society of American Foresters along with other resource organizations.  The GOAL of FCD is to engage students, scouts and 4-H children in the science of forest conservation.  Students participate in an educational hike with a natural resource professional to learn about forest ecology, management and societal benefits of sustainably managed forests.  The hike includes multiple stops with each one tied directly to California science standards and the web of life.

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Forestry Institute for Teachers

Aimed toward educating the educators, this program provides K-12 teachers with the knowledge, tools, and skills to effectively teach their students about forest ecology and forest resource management practices. FOUR one-week long sessions of this award-winning program are being offered, one near Sonora (Tuolumne County) one at Camp McCumber(Shasta County), one in Arcata (Humboldt County) and one near Quincy (Plumas County). Public and private forest resource specialists and other natural resource managers, environmentalists, and environmental education specialists serve as the educators and facilitators at these workshops. FIT participants will develop a curriculum, design student projects, and become adequately endowed with the tools necessary to increase student understanding and appreciation of our dynamic forest ecosystems and the complex issues faced by land managers.

Interested participants are strongly suggested to apply ASAP for the workshop of their choice as there is a limited amount of space available. For application procedures or volunteer opportunities, email Heather Morrison  or call her at (877) FIT-PROJ. If you prefer, you may follow this link to on-line registration.